Thursday 17 June 2021

Year End Note

 Dear Parents,

I can’t believe that it’s the end of our preschool year!  It seems like only yesterday when you entrusted your precious children into our care.

Regardless of all pandemic related restrictions and regulations that we had to implement this year, we made it safely to the end of the school year! Hip Hip Hooray!

I feel forever grateful that despite all challenges (and a few extra breaks) we were able to hold classes in person.  The most rewarding and important experience for me was, to see your children happy, playing with other children, making new friends, and bonding with nature. 

We have learned so much from our children this year and they have taught us all valuable lessons. It is amazing to watch how resilient children are and how unrestrained movement and outdoor exploration plays an important part in the cognitive, physical, emotional, and social development of a child. We witnessed the healing and calming effect that outdoor play and learning had on our children. When asked what they liked most about preschool this year. Most children answered, “Nature play” and “friends”. This is what preschool should be all about! Nature taught us lessons that no flashcard can ever replace.  I will never forget when a group of children played in the bushes, covering ladybugs with leaves. Shortly after the same kids turned around to find sticks and form the letters of their name.

I remember listening to many of the conversations that children had while playing.  Imaginary play took the lead this year! Due to Covid restrictions and cleaning protocol we had a limited variety of toys that students could use. It was heart-warming, fascinating (and quite funny at times) to see how creatively the children interact when imagination becomes the base of their play. Wooden blocks turned into cities, shelter for animals and even “sandwiches” for the teachers. Do you know how special it is to get a full meal served, made from colourful marbles and Legos on a plate?

Our children have created so many “happy memories” for us teachers and we hope that playing, laughing with them, and growing together has created a lasting bond for them.

I would like to take the opportunity and express my appreciation for the many people that helped us to run the preschool smoothly.


·      Thank you to Wendy Schneider, the president of the volunteer board of directors for volunteering your time and helping us to navigate through this challenging year! Thank you to Shannon Mclean, Dana Giesbrecht, Brianne Semenchuk, Miranda Lettrari and Becky Bradley for volunteering your time on the board. It was greatly appreciated!

·      Thank you to all PCDC staff members for dropping off and picking up daycare students every day!

·      We are grateful for the financial support that we have received from SGC and Sask Lotteries.

·      Thank you to the administrative team of Brevoort Park School. We feel very blessed to be part of the Brevoort Park School Community.

·      A big Thank You goes to Larissa Lorenz, the best team teacher I can wish for! Congratulations to Frau Lorenz. She just received the 2021 SGC Volunteer Award for her excellent work as an assistant teacher and her dedication to our children.

Thank you, parents, for sharing your precious children with us. They have filled our buckets with their gentle hands, kind hearts, their wiggles, and their giggles.

Even though we couldn’t hug them tight this year, we will hold each of them very close to our hearts!  

Promise us to keep in touch with us over the next few months and throughout the years to come!

We wish all our families a beautiful and relaxing summer!

Stay safe & happy! 

Auf Wiedersehen!

Uli Hecker

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