Wednesday 11 November 2020

November 2020





Winter has officially arrived! I hope everyone made it sound and safe through the first blizzard of the year! At least we now have enough snow to make snow angels, snowmen, build pretend caves for animals etc. We will continue to go on (short) nature walks in the morning and play in the snow as our students come dressed for the weather anyways. Our “magic forest” will provide shelter for us while we are fueling up with oxygen and strengthen our immune system. We haven’t had any kids sick for quite a while and being out in nature might have played a part in this.

Thank you so much parents for dressing your child warm enough that he/she can fully enjoy our daily part of outdoor learning!! Once the wind chill makes it difficult to “move” our little bodies, we will of course spend most of our teaching days inside! For now, we will play it by ear and just try to keep outside time fun, for as long as we can.




This month most activities will evolve around “WINTER”. We will provide our children with fun activities such as:

·         Snow experiments

·         snowflake counting activities

·         Winter crafts

·         Printing with snow and ice

·         Winter sensory activities (colouring snow, finding letters etc.)

·         Winter themed literacy



Your child might have already told you about the legend of St. Martin, that we had introduced to our classes last week. The children were quite fascinated by the story of Martin, a soldier that shared his red cape with an old poor man who was lost in the dark and freezing in the snow. In this context, we talked to our preschoolers about the importance of caring for others and how we can “fill buckets” in our everyday life by sharing and being kind to each other. Your child will bring home a little lantern that he/she has made. We hope it will bring light into your homes as well! All across Germany, children celebrate St.Martin  by joining lantern parades at night, singing Martin songs and warming up around a big bon fire at the end of the night. If you would like to know more about this cultural event you can find many links on You Tube.

In this context, we wish all students that will be celebrating “Diwali” (a different festival of lights) this weekend, a wonderful time with their family!

FUNDRAISER:  MOM’S PANTRY (orders are due Nov 23)

If you are interested in supporting our program and to raise funds for Hansel & Gretel Preschool, MOM’S PANTRY is a great opportunity to purchase high quality food and baking products for yourself, friends or family. We have more order forms and catalogues at the school if you would like to give some to friends or family.   If you are considering/preferring a monetary donation instead, feel free to contact us and we will give you more information.

Thank you very much to Brianne Semenchuk (fundraiser committee) for helping our preschool to find ways to maintain a high-quality Early Learning Program! If you have any questions regarding fundraising, please email Brianne:


PICTURE DAY: Nov 12/13

This week a photographer will come into our classroom and take individual pictures of each preschooler.

The estimated gallery days for parents to look at the pictures will be Nov 22 - Nov 30.

Orders will be due Nov 30th. 



Thank you, Miranda Lettrari for taking over the Scholastic Book orders. This is another unique way to support literacy skills and to foster your child’s love for reading!

A big THANK YOU goes out to Frau Schneider who has offered to help and volunteer her time in our T-Th class for the upcoming weeks.

Thank you, parents for helping us by supporting your child to become more independent and put on jackets, shoes etc. by themselves or only with little help!



A friendly reminder to from now on wear:

·         warm snow pants or snow suit

·         warm and water repellent mittens (long enough to cover wrist)

·         warm winter jacket, toque, (if necessary, face cover)

·         warm snow boots



Nov 9    PD Day, no school

Nov 11   Remembrance Day, no school

Nov 12   Picture Day (no outside play that day)

Nov 13   Picture Day (no outside play that day)

Nov 26   MOM’S PANTRY order forms are due

Nov 30   Picture orders are due



Dec 21 – Jan 3        Christmas Break, no school

Jan 4/5                   First day of school after the break


Winter Words German

Schnee (snow)

Schneemann (snowman)

Schneeflocke (snowflake)

Schnee Engel (snow angel)

Jacke (jacket)

Schneehose (snowpants)

Muetze (toque)

Handschuhe (mitts)

Schal (scarf)

Stiefel (boots)


We will continue to provide you with pictures of our  activities at preschool and hope that being part of the What’s App group helps you to get an idea of what we are doing and how much fun your child is having in preschool!

If you should ever have any questions or concerns, please email or text me!

We are looking forward to our first winter fun month!

Stay safe! Stay warm! Stay happy!


Kind Regards,

Uli Hecker & Larissa Lorenz

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