Friday 15 May 2020

Year End Newsletter

Dear Parents,

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this last Newsletter for the current school year. As you probably know, all schools and preschools will remain closed for the rest of this summer due to the current COVID 19 pandemic. The good news is, we found a way to keep in touch with our families through face time calls, text messages, driveway visits and “YouTube Story Time with Hase and Frau Hecker”.
As sad as we all are that our preschool year was cut short, this Newsletter is going to be a reminder of all the “Happy Times” and memorable moments of an incredible preschool year.
Thank you to all parents for entrusting your child to us. It has been an absolute pleasure and joy teaching your children and we want you to know that each one of them has left footprints in our hearts!

W e hope we filled our children’s buckets by teaching them new things every day (we always cheered for them along the way). Besides teaching letters and numbers, we also taught our children about the value of friendship, love and kindness. We supported them in developing important academic and social skills. The most rewarding part was that all children made new friends and developed long lasting friendships. Throughout the year we watched our children grow and blossom and fill buckets every day! I am so happy to hear that many of our parents use the “bucket filler theme” at home too. Some families even have a little bucket sitting on a table as a friendly reminder to always be mindful and kind to one another. 

Larissa and I can’t think of a better job than being preschool teachers!
Our students have filled our buckets with their smiles and giggles and their funny wiggles! They have touched our hearts with their unconditional trust and their curiosity for the world around them.
We loved playing with our children, listening to them and learning from them every day. They have opened our eyes for what truly matters to their little hearts. Snack time was one of my favorite parts of the day, all of us sitting around the table, chit chatting away, sharing stories and at times being quite silly.
Very rarely did we see little tears rolling on a sad day. When that happened, our snuggles and cuddles helped to wash them away.
Hopefully, one thing that your child will remember about their preschool year will be the many days that we spent outside in the park and in our “little forest”. Allowing children to learn through exploration has created a unique bond with nature and has fostered a true love for learning. Moments that made our day were times like watching our kids building hibernation caves with sticks, counting dots on lady bugs, closing their eyes and listening to birds or simply running down the hill while holding hands. Many of our children have realized that nature is the biggest classroom of all. Even dirt and snow turned into “works sheets” when children printed letters with sticks or traced numbers in the snow. We encourage all of you to take your children outside as much as you can. The outdoors are a wonderful exploration ground for little people!

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all our amazing parents, grandparents and care givers who have supported us throughout the year by making it possible for your child to join and enjoy our program.

  • Thank you to Brevoort Park School for always inviting us to special school assemblies and events.
  • Thank you to our care partners from grade 3/4 who bonded with our 4-year-olds by doing fun activities throughout the year.
  • Thank you to our Funding Organizations (SGC & Sask Culture) for supporting our Non -Profit Preschool.
  • Thank you to SPF for subsidizing families in need.
  • A BIG Thank you goes to Marylin Stehr who volunteered her time to help in our Tuesday-Thursday class every week!!!
  • Thank you to Wendy Schneider, the president of our board of directors and all volunteer board members; Miranda Lettrari, Brianne Semenchuk, Becky Bradley, Shannon McLean-Pound and Dana Giesbrecht who have helped to run our preschool smoothly!
  • Thank you to Larissa Lorenz for investing countless hours to put together a year end slideshow and a picture album that holds together all the great memories that we have created.
Some of our students will move on to Kindergarten this Fall. We wish them all the best for this exciting new chapter in their life! Please make sure you come back and visit us as we will miss you very much!!!
Please keep checking your email or text messages for our Hansel & Gretel Preschool story time links (this will be the only way to access our preschool videos) or check the SGC website for “Kinderzimmer” English-German story time ( I was very touched to hear that some of our preschoolers watch the little videos for a “bedtime story”. Hase, our bunny in the hat, will continue to send you little messages as well! He is always thrilled to hear back from you as he misses you very much!

Frau Lorenz and I would like to come to your house/apartment for a brief farewell visit. We will meet you outside (safe distance) to sing some of our favourite songs and deliver a picture album that holds many precious memories.
Visits will start this upcoming Tuesday and based on weather forecast, continue throughout the next two weeks. We would rather see sunshine than rain when we meet with you outside! 
We all hope that schools will reopen in September and that we will see our returning students for another year of FUN & LEARNING!
We wish you and your families a fantastic summer. Please stay happy and safe!!
Children, please remember that, even though it’s time to part, YOU will always have a special place in our heart!

Auf Wiedersehen!

Lots of Love

Uli Hecker & Larissa Lorenz

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