Wednesday 12 June 2019

Year End Poem

Dear Pre-schoolers,

You filled our Hearts with your

Smiles and your Giggles,
your silly Faces and all of your Wiggles.

You brought Tears of Joy to our Eyes
And your Smile can melt a Mountain of Ice.

You have played with Blocks and Dress up clothes,
and you have learned how a Flower grows.

You have watched Puddles disappear,
and found Ladybugs with cheer.

You pretended to be a Dinosaur
and you found Bones that made you ROAR!

“Hase” taught you the ABC’s
and he helped you with the 123’s.

At Christmas, Nikolaus filled your Boot
and all of your Friends had a hoot.

On Fasching we scared Winter away,
with Drums and Shakers, Hip Hip Hooray!

Playing outside was so much Fun,
especially when you made your Teachers run!

Frau Hecker held up Bananas at Snack
Pretending to be on the Phone.
What the heck?  

Sticky Fingers and running Noses
didn’t keep us from smelling Roses.
We took our Time to Observe and Explore
Once you slow down, you see so much more!

Remember to close your Eyes
and you will see
you can even hear and smell a Tree.

Watching the Life Cycle of a Butterfly.
So exciting, right in front of your eye!

We taught you about Seasons, Insects and Bugs,
but also about the Importance of Hugs.

Teaching “please” and “sorries”, too,
when someone tripped over somebody’s shoe.

Building Friendships goes a long way,
We hope that all of your friends will stay.

Like a Butterfly time has flown.
You have learned so much and you have grown.

Time to take off and spread your Wings!
Wherever you fly, you will learn new things.

Please be ensured as you do,
we will always remember you!

Frau Hecker & Frau Lorenz

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