Thursday 7 February 2019

February 2019

Dear Parents,
I hope everyone is managing to stay warm during this exceptional cold stretch. With the extreme weather, some parents decided to keep their child at home. We want everyone to be safe and if you ever feel like “hibernating” rather than leaving the house, please feel free to spend an extra day home with your child.

Last weekend, I attended a Conference for Early Childhood Educators. One key topic was “latest research on ‘Screen Time’ and how too much screen time (including TV, phones, tablets, etc.) can affect the development of a child’s brain, speech and social skills”. One interesting take-home message from this conference was that both occupational therapists and educators highlighted the importance of “Non - Structured Outdoor Play” and the positive impact it has on our children’s physical and intellectual growth. Unfortunately, the current deep freeze doesn’t allow us to go outside, but I hope that everyone will soon be able explore nature again.  Here is a fun fact: Even though we had -42 C temperatures today, I could hear birds chirping! It helps me believe that spring is just around the corner!

This month our children will learn all about “healthy teeth”!
You will see giant toothbrushes, children counting and matching pointy and flat teeth and printing their name at the “reception” of a “dentist office”. We will also take a closer look at animal teeth and find out how different animals use their teeth as tools. Little science experiments will help us to realize how important it is to eat healthy food and to stay away from too much sugar. Using floss on a giant duplo/lego block is a lot of fun and a good practice before you do it on your own teeth. J
Dr. Alicia Finch is an optometrist and will visit our class to talk about the importance to get your eyes checked. Children are invited to bring their teddy bears (or stuffy) to get an eye exam.
We will take the opportunity to celebrate friendship and kindness by inviting our care partners for some special activities! As I had mentioned in a previous note, snack will be provided that day. Children are welcome to wear red, white or/and pink.

We still have openings!
Our MWF morning class for 2019/20 is filling up! However, we still have a few openings in our T-Th class.
We would appreciate if you could help us fill these spots by spreading the word via face book among friends, mom groups etc. Thank you for your support!
Mark your Calendar
Feb 13 /14:          Valentine Celebration with Care Partners (snack provided)     
February 18-22 :  February Break / No School
School resumes on Monday, February 25th!
March 4/5:           German  Fasching Party (Carnival, wear a costume)
Parents are invited to join our Fasching parade at 11:30 a.m.!
March 11 :              No school

Frau Lorenz will be gone from Feb 12 – March 4. Frau Schneider will join us and teach with Frau Hecker during that time.

We are looking forward to another month of Fun & Learning with our children!
Hopefully winter will move out soon. Time for spring to arrive!! J

Kind Regards,
Uli Hecker, Larissa Lorenz

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