Monday 8 May 2017

May Newsletter


Finally we are all able to see, smell, touch and listen to the sounds of spring again! Looking at the current temperatures we might move straight to summer. Our school year is coming to an end soon and it is hard to believe how much all of our children have grown! Many of our little ones are going into Kindergarten and start a new adventure in their life this fall. We are happy to keep at least some of our precious children for another year of “FUN and LEARNING”.

Sun Protection
From now on we will spend as much time outside as possible and even take our snack outside to have a picnic under a tree (the kids just love it).
We ask parents to please apply sunscreen on your child before they come to class. (We have extra sun screen at school in case that you forgot). If your child has a sun hat/sunglasses etc., please remind them to take it out of their back pack before we play outside.
Our children like to run down the hill and climb the low branches of trees.  Therefore, we ask your child to not wear flip flops and only wear outside shoes that allow him/her to run safely.

We had been blessed enough to be invited to another annual spring event. The grade 1 teacher at Brevoort Park School had an incubator with 15 chicken eggs in her classroom. We stopped by every day last week to watch the miracle of a chick, hatching from an egg. The highlight was when each of our students had the opportunity to pet one of the newly born chicks!

Our caterpillar larvae arrived last week and we now get to watch another wonder of nature! We will study and observe the life cycle of a butterfly, happening right in front of our eyes. Feel free to come into our classroom to take a look at our butterfly cage to see the different stages.  The life cycle process usually takes about 3 weeks and at the end of the month we will have a picnic in the park and say “Auf Wiedersehen” to our butterflies.

Brevoort Park School safety drills
Our preschool participates in all school safety drills, along with all of Brevoort Park School students. There will be a fire and evacuation drill this Monday morning at 10.15 a.m.  Once all classes of the school have gathered outside after the fire drill, the school will walk to St. Mathew School (across the park) and go to the gym there. The drill is expected to take 30 minutes. There will be appropriate signage on the doors indicating where we are in case you are picking up your child earlier that day.
      You can find more information on safety drills at
The principal of Brevoort Park School, Gwyn Fournier will send out a note after each safety drill and inform teachers and parents on how the drill went. I will forward this information to you. So far, all drills that the school and our preschoolers have had were mastered very well and we are very proud of our little ones.

Treasure and Bake Sale, Friday May 12 (Brevoort Park GCC Garage Sale Saturday, May 13)

I had sent home a previous note about these special Brevoort Park fundraiser events.
Part of the proceeds from these events will go the Entwistle family. Brooklyn is a student at Brevoort Park School and one of our former care partners. Last summer, Brooklyn was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) at the age of 10. Brooklyn has had 3 surgeries including a recent rotationplasty, a partial amputation of her leg.
Proceeds of the treasure and bake sale will go to Brooklyn and her family to help pay bills, buy food and cover medical and other expenses while Brooklyn is healing and continuing her journey of therapies and rehabilitation.
The school is still taking items for the treasure sale (gently used items like toys, ornaments, giftware, board games, toys, sports equipment, jewelry, craft kids, picture frames ect). Please bring any sales donations to the front office this week.
We will be getting together with our grade 4 care partners this Friday.  They have offered to take our students to the treasure sale in the large gym, in case our children want to buy some toys etc. Our teachers will join them and guide them through the sales tables. If you would like to bring some money   (prices will start at 25 cents) for the treasure sale on Friday, please put the money in a labeled zip loc bag or envelope for your child. The treasure and bake sale will take place throughout the day. Feel free to donate or buy your own treasures and baking when you come for pick up or drop off on Friday.


Monday 8/Tuesday 9   Scholastic Book orders are due
Friday 12                     Care Partner activities
                                    Brevoort Park School Treasure and Bake Sale
Saturday 13                 Brevoort Park GCC garage sale
Tuesday, May 16         Brevoort Park Kindergarten Sneak Peek Afternoon (1-3pm)

Wednesday, May 17 MWF classes:  COMBINED Fieldtrip to Mother Earth Greenhouse           
·       The bus will be leaving at 9:15 am and both classes will be back at 1:00 p.m.
·       Please bring your own lunch and a water bottle for the picnic at 12:00-12:30 p.m.
·        NO afternoon class on this day!!! (Please let us know if you/we need to make special arrangements for your child after dismissal).
      Thank you to all the parents that have offered to volunteer that day!!!
Friday, May 19               No School 
Monday, May 22            Victoria Day, No School

Friday 9                     No School
Thursday 15             Last Day for Tue-Thu class: Year End Celebration with families
Friday 16                  Last Day for MWF classes: Year End Celebration with families
Please check your May event calendar for the specific time!  We will have a short children’s performance, year slide show and a snack buffet outside at the end of the day.    
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Enjoy the beautiful spring!

Kind Regards,
Uli Hecker, Larissa Lorenz, Susanne Pachal, Samina Roohi


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