Tuesday 27 September 2016

September Newsletter

Dear Parents,

We had a fantastic start into our new school year!  All of our children left our classroom with a big smile on their face!  Their happy faces truly “filled our buckets”! 

Thank you to all of you parents/grand parents for joining us for your child’s first day of preschool. It truly helps our students and us teachers with a smooth transition. I hope our joining parents gained a deeper insight of what a regular preschool day will look like.

·        Please remember that we will take our children outside for the last 30 minutes of their preschool day.  Make sure that your child is dressed for the weather.

·        In accordance with the public school health regulations, we kindly ask that you do NOT bring any food items that contain nuts!! Thank you for your cooperation!

·        We were excited to see our students only bringing fresh
 fruit/vegetables and a water bottle for snack.  Thank you parents for supporting us in promoting the idea of healthy and sugar free snacks!!!
(We do however have a student who is severely allergic to Kiwi and therefore we ask you to refrain from sending Kiwi for snack.)
Students are always welcome to share a special treat (cookies, etc) or stickers on their birthday.

·        You will find a list with all of our student’s names in your school mailbox this week. It will help your child to remember his/her friend’s names.
·        Scholastic book orders (if you would like to order) are due this week.

For the next couple of weeks our main focus will be getting to know our students, their families and establishing a routine. We will spend lots of time playing, exploring and practicing how each of us can “fill a bucket” by being kind and gentle to each other.

Our first and more specific class newsletter will go out in October.

We are looking forward to our first two weeks of FUN and LEARNING!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 281-4428 or email me at coordinator.hanselandgretel@gmail.com.

Uli Hecker

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