Monday 4 April 2016

April Newsletter

                              APRIL NEWSLETTER 2016
Dear Parents,
I hope everybody had a nice Easter Break and enjoyed some special time with their family! It is great to finally see all the snow melting. I can’t wait to see our children running down the hill and playing in the trees again!!
The children enjoyed our nursery rhyme unit and fairy tales that we read to them last month. Our students had so much fun, singing and clapping our rhymes and acting out the stories in the gym.
Thank you to Dr. Finch for visiting our class and teaching our students about the importance of eye exams. The  “Teddy Bear Eye Check” presentation was also a great way to introduce children to what to expect when you go to an optometrist.
For the following weeks we will be emphasizing “changes in nature” during spring. We will explore the season through various hands on activities. We will plant seeds, watch them sprouting and turning into vegetable plants and flowers. Please ask your child to “I spy” for birds that are returning back from warmer places! Check the grass for earthworms, robins and watch for buds on the trees. We will keep our eyes and ears wide open and explore the season with all our senses.
We would like to “dissect” potted spring flowers (tulips, daffodils etc.) and take a closer look at their roots, bulbs etc. If you would like to donate some spring flowers to either brighten up our classroom or for scientific purposes that would be greatly appreciated.  
This month is “National Children’s Dental Health Month”.  We will take the opportunity to teach our children about how to keep their teeth healthy, eating tooth friendly foods, flossing and going to the dentist. Our dental health unit will include fun activities such as brushing and flossing “Duplo blocks” and using fly swatters to hit food items that cause “sugar bugs” . 
We realized a big growth spurt in some of our students and noticed that some of our little feet are getting too big for their shoes. Please check your child’s current indoor shoes to ensure that they still fit them.
Depending on weather conditions, we will start taking our children outside again. Please make sure your child comes dressed in layers and wears appropriate shoes for potential outside play. If you don’t find us in the classroom, we will meet you in the boot room for pick up. It might take us a while to get used  to putting on jackets, shoes, etc. again. It certainly helps to practice zipping and buttoning at home. It will save us precious playtime! J
We are grateful to have an opportunity to participate in the SPF Annual Raffle again. SPF is an organization that subsidizes families who can’t afford to send their children to preschool and provides training and resources for preschools. I will provide you with further information once we have the raffle tickets.
Kind Regards,                                               
Uli Hecker, Ruth Skinner, Susanne Pachal, Samina Roohi

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