Wednesday 2 March 2016

March Newsletter

Dear Parents,
March is here and spring seems to be just around the corner! Time is flying, especially when you look at our children. They all have grown so much within the past few months. Our students enjoyed learning about different vehicles last month. After we read the book “This is not a box”, the children used boxes and turned them into cars, trains, rocket ships and boats. We also taught our students the German names for different vehicles and sang a variety of action songs.
Due to the spring break, March will be a relatively short month; however like always, we will be busy exploring the world around us. Depending on the weather, we might even start taking our children outside again (we will let you know beforehand).
There is overwhelming evidence that early learning of nursery rhymes, rhythmic poems, songs and chants significantly enhances early reading skills.
Listening to funny poems and searching for patterns and rhymes within poems also provide a fun and active playground for phonetic awareness and the ability to hear the sounds of letters. Our children will listen to a variety of traditional and modern nursery rhymes in English and German and many activities and crafts will evolve around this topic.
TEDDY BEAR “EYE CHECK”: Wednesday, March 9th
On Wednesday, March 9th we will have an optometrist visit our M-W-F classroom. She will talk about the importance of regular eye exams. The children will have a chance to use doctor tools and practice eye exams on Teddy bears. We hope the children will come home and tell you all about this special visit. Optometrists and doctors highly encourage parents to get their child’s vision checked from an early age on. I am sure the “Teddy Bear eye check” will help your child to get excited about going to his first or next optometrist appointment! J
We will try to schedule an appointment for our Tue-Thu class as well and will let you know about the date.
We will have a short unit on “Easter traditions”. Feel free to take a look at the booklet that will be sitting on the little table in the hallway. You will also see “Easter activities” on our center table, that include counting, matching and sorting of Easter eggs.  
Friday, March 4          PD day, no school
March 9/10              Scholastic book orders due
Friday, March 25       Good Friday, no school         
March 28- April 1      Spring Break

Kind Regards,                                              
Uli Hecker, Ruth Skinner, Susanne Pachal, Samina Roohi

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