Our program is geared toward children 3, 4, and 5 years of age. In preparation for Kindergarten, we follow the Early Learning Guide published by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education. In addition to our English curriculum we playfully introduce our children to a second language, German, through songs, rhymes, and books. The curriculum offers many opportunities to learn and develop through play and exploration in a warm, caring, and well structured environment. In addition to interactive group-learning, we will work with individual children and small groups on specific skills.

Activities will focus on developing social, reasoning and problem solving skills. Most importantly, we aim to provide children with a balanced program that will make their first years of "preschool" an enjoyable and fun experience.

Learning continues outdoors with nature study and physical activities. Our school has access to a playground and natural areas. This "extended classroom" will allow us to enrich our curriculum through outdoor education.


The program offers a rich mixture of age appropriate activities:
Communication and social interaction
Music and creative movement
Educational games  
Playful introduction to German language and culture through songs, rhymes and books
Hands-on experiments (science)
Dramatic play
Arts & crafts
Outdoor play (park, playground)
Daily gross motor activities
Practical life activities
Field trips

Throughout the year, we will invite speakers and performers from the community to enrich your child's learning experience.

If the children or other family members want to learn more German, you could check out the  Saskatoon German Language School, which offers a variety programs. For more information about German cultural programs and events contact the Saskatchewan German Council.

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